About us

The Story of Accede and CRM Map

CRM Map is the flagship product of Accede, the longest standing custom database development house in Australia.

Accede was formed in 1984 and has focused on providing computerised solutions that are efficient, effective and of value. Over the years, Accede, has worked directly with well recognised groups including Microsoft, Apple and the Australian Federal Government. With the increasing rise of software as a service (SAAS) in 2017, we decided to productise some of the unique solutions that we have developed over the years.

CRM Map started out as a custom plugin for a client who wanted to use MYOB as both their accounting system and a full CRM. Rather revolutionary for the time we found a way to have the customer’s location interactively displayed on Google Maps.

We realized that this product could become something major after talking with our other clients, that the only way for organizations to get a custom map-based interface was to pay around 6 figures to have a developer build them one. Since then CRM Map has continued to evolve beyond a simple MYOB plugin to display CRM data, into now being a heavily customisable two-way map interface for nearly any kind of geographical data. In late October 2018 CRM Map was launched to the Commercial world. It has already seen a mass of interest from groups in building, emergency services, fundraising, water management, and transportation.

Giving Back to the Community

Due to having been blind for multiple years in her young adult life, our CEO, Cate, has acquired a strong appreciation for the work of not-for-profits.

Every Friday our senior development team puts up to four hours aside for approved NFPs to work on custom solutions they require without any charge on them. Also, a portion of the earnings from CRM Map are going directly to Royal Society for the Blind, a group that helps those with visual disabilities and post traumatic stress.

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