Cate Schafing

I have been an innovator in IT since 1982 and specialise in developing high level Software and Databases for businesses.  I’m the Managing Director of Accede which is based in my beautiful hometown of Adelaide, South Australia.

I’m passionate about business and believe that IT should bring Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value.

This way of thinking helped us create CRM-Map. We listened to our clients who said that they would love to be able to use Google Maps more flexibly to support their sales, marketing and business development plans. This feedback was the primary reason for the development of CRM-Map.

All businesses want to attract, win and retain more customers as their Number One Goal. I believe very strongly that using CRM-Map to support your business or organisation will allow you and your staff to achieve that Goal. I believe that CRM-Map will empower businesses to grow.

My commitment to the Aussie ‘Fair Go’ has impacted on CRM-Map as this revolutionary CRM tool allows businesses/organisations to truly compete in this highly competitive business world.

I currently volunteer with the Royal Society of the Blind (RSB) both as an IT Consultant and Puppy Educator, and was awarded the South Australian volunteer of the year in 2013.  This wonderful charity is very dear to my heart and I am very proud to be an official supporter for the RSB My husband and I have been host parents for a number of years for many international students (16 past international Students, and 4 currently) this program allows the students a taste of our wonderful country in a home environment.