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Easy to UseEasy to Use

CRM-Map is very easy and fast to use.  If your staff are familiar with Google Maps, they can use CRM-Map.  As they know your industry then all the data displayed will be very easy for them to understand, as you create your own customized views.

your Own IconsYour Own Icons

You can add your own Icons for each of your Products, Assets and/or Services.  So instead of only having the Google Maps tear drop, you can add whatever Icons you want to each of your locations and contacts.  CRM-Map is flexible, customisable and has the capacity to grow with your Business.

Your Own ColorsYour Own Colors

Each transaction to a contact can have a product, asset and/or service, and can have a status.  This status will show on your map with the color coding you have chosen.   You can also use colours to display salespeople’s territories.  There is no limit to the number of colors.

Your Own TerminologyYour Own Terminology

For some businesses, a contact could be a client, customer, prospect, patron and an asset.  CRM-Map has been developed to be flexible and customisable so you are not limited when using it in your Business/ Organisation. You can rename all the fields, they will display with your personalised terms.  We have 5 core types of data – and they are:

  • Locations
  • Contacts
  • Products – can have an associated icon
  • Status – can have an associated color
  • Users – can have an associated color

Own FieldsAdd your Own Fields

The main 2 pages you can add your own extra fields and of course terminology.  These two pages are the “Location/Contact” page, and the “Transaction” page. The transaction page, can have an associated product and status.  If you want a new text field on the contact page, to show the Facebook account, you can add a new field for this.  If you wish a new area in your transaction field called Total Spent, you can add a money field to this page.  There is no limit to the number of fields you add.

Need more Information

Consider CRM-Map as the link between Your Data and Google Maps.  So any data you would like to show your people ‘on the road’ from your database, you can interface with CRM-Map, and then it will display on Google Maps.  Depending on your staffs access level, they can add, edit and enter data on the road directly, that will interface to your CRM in your office.  Depending on your product and the style of interface you elect, transfers can be automatic and instant, or directly controlled by your Administrator.  This is your choice.

No Limit to Map and DataNo Limit to Map and DataAs this product uses Google Maps, you are not limited to Map size or Data usage.  The only limit is your license limit, and this is controlled by you.  Upon searching an area, any icons or information you have, will be presented on the Google Map page.

LicensingLicensingGoogle Maps has enabled us to use this product by way of Concurrent User licensing.  You only pay for the Maximum users you have registered in the previous month.  So you don’t pay for what you don’t use.  CRM-Map is a very cost efficient option as you only pay for what you use. Also if you have more than one application, you only pay for the user once.

No Limit on UseLimited Use?Many mapping products are often limited in use, map range, or features.  CRM-Map is not limited. CRM-Map allows you to use it as you need to.  All of the map locations that Google offers are available.  The features are up to you.  You can add fields, attach photos, files, and personalize each application.

Attach Photos and DocumentsYou can attach Photos and Documents to your ContactsWith CRM-Map you have the ability to add documents and photographs to each contact.  The attachment of these images, will have dates and times attached, and they can be downloaded with your integration option.

FastIs it fast?Speed depends on your internet access.  If Google Maps is slow on your access, then CRM-Map will be slow.  If Google Maps is fast, then CRM-Map will be fast.

Dont need a programmerDo I have to be a Programmer to use this?No. CRM-Map is designed to be set up and used by general business/ organisational users.  Programmers, of course, can use this, and will be able to integrate CRM-Map to your systems so your business can benefit.  For example, showing testimonials on the web site, via Google Maps.

Data SecuritySecurity of your DataYour data is secure with us, or you can host this yourself on your own Cloud hosting facility.  By using the Google API key registration, your data is also secure with Google.

Real TimeReal TimeNot only are your Maps upgraded and updated in real time by Google Maps, with CRM-Map your data is interactive on a real time basis.

Cloud BasedCloud BasedCRM-Map is 100% cloud based.  No need to purchase software, No special licensing requirements and No downtime for installs and updates.  So long as you have internet access, you have access to your data.  Contact us to be advised of CRM-Map’s new feature on cache options for mobile phone users.

Mobile FriendlyMobile FriendlyCRM-Map has been designed to ensure that you will be able to fully utilize its features anytime and anywhere on any mobile system which is connected to the internet. As long as your system can use Google Maps it can use CRM-Map allowing you to work with our product without restriction in almost any situation.